Kore.ai updates platform to speed up AI business solutions 

Kore.ai updates platform to speed up AI business solutions

18th April, New Jersey:  Kore.ai, a leader in enterprise conversational AI, has announced the release of their latest platform update: We are thrilled to introduce XO Platform Version 11.0. This meaningful enhancement is geared towards data ingestion improvement and application of AI-specific algorithms in order to achieve accelerated development and deployment of AI-powered business interactions across different customer, agent, and search experiences. 

XO 11.0: Faster & More Efficient AI Solutions 

The new features in XO 11.0 empower businesses to bring AI solutions to market 10 times faster. Enhanced automation capabilities, streamlined development processes, and improved platform usability achieve this goal.

Unified Experience for Increased Productivity 

Unlike the previous models, XO 11.0 will have a unified experience which will result in better customer service and easier learning of how to use the product. Users of Kore.ai products will now unite and be able to use all the four K.I. products Humanizations Automation AI, Contact Center AI, Search AI, and CR M.I. through a signle and intelligent user interface. This kind of process smoothen the workflow, there is no need to switch between various applications which is a booster to the overall workflow efficiency. 

Multi-LLM Generative AI: Unlocking New Levels of Personalization 

XO 11.0 introduces groundbreaking Multi-LLM Generative AI functionalities. Businesses utilize multiple LLMs for personalized, human-like conversational experiences, leveraging their strengths with Kore.ai’s platform updates. Additionally, Kore.ai’s XO GPT models offer enhanced security and performance within the platform.   

Industry-First Capabilities Drive Innovation 

Kore.ai emphasizes several industry-first capabilities within XO 11.0. These include: 

  • Enhanced guardrails for secure and responsible AI development 
  • Advanced natural language processing (NLP) functionalities for deeper contextual understanding 
  • Improved integration capabilities with existing enterprise systems 

These advancements empower businesses to build robust and scalable AI solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing IT infrastructure.  

Gartner judges Generative AI to be one of the key technologies changing the face of enterprise security. 

By 2026, Gartner forecasts 75% of conversational AI will adeptly integrate and utilize generative AI capabilities, as anticipated. This sharp rise reflects the growing need for AI programs able to generate creative and textual formats that are human-equivalent. XO 11.0 aims to establish Kore.ai as a trendsetter, meeting current business needs and positioning as a leading company.

From smart robots to virtual reality assistants, AI, with human touch, will enhance our lives and care for our well-being in the future. 

Kore.ai’s introduction of XO 11.0 is signifying the conclusion of its efforts to innovate and come up to the lead in the world of AI space. Enhance enterprises with tools to automate processes, personalize communication, and integrate AI into customer service, workforce engagement, and search applications. In a shifting AI landscape, Kore.ai assists companies in deploying AI for a brighter future, pioneering innovation and solutions

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