11 Steps to Use LinkedIn Marketing Platform for Lead Generation


LinkedIn needs no introduction. It is a popular professional social networking website used by professionals to connect. Professionals use LinkedIn to connect, hunt for jobs, and be aware of the latest developments in their industries and shifting audience preferences.

LinkedIn, besides, being a popular professional networking website, can also be used as an effective tool to generate leads for B2B companies.

LinkedIn proclaims to generate 80% of the total B2B leads coming from social media.

The largest social networking platform allows businesses to communicate with their networks and find their clients as well.

However, not all people are well-versed when it comes to using LinkedIn for obtaining leads, especially when they have new businesses.

Steps to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Generate Leads

The marketing and advertising professionals can effectively use LinkedIn for generating leads by following the steps below:

Step 1: Segment Your Qualified Leads

Marketers should have a definite plan for lead qualification. This may include lead scoring, matching leads against the ideal personas, or determining the actions directly aligned with sales conversions.

Step 2: Determine Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Based on their audience groups, marketers can select the channels and tools that they must use for maximizing the number of leads. Marketers should always personalize their approaches and must take care of how the personal data of buyers is stored and processed.

Step 3: Opt for Multichannel Campaigns and A/B Test Them

The best strategies for getting an optimal number of leads to operate across multichannel. Marketers can run ads on LinkedIn using Lead Gen Forms or through PPC campaigns. They can test-run and optimize different tactics for capturing an optimum number of leads by investing more specifically in the areas that need special focus.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B Marketers

B2B marketers can best use LinkedIn as a marketing platform for capturing more and more leads by using the tactics described below:

1. Attract Prospects Using Social Media Channels.

Marketers can attract prospects through social listening and through other organic and paid social media marketing activities involving the use of ‘lead generation forms’ or other methods for data collection. For B2B organizations, LinkedIn is among the most important social media channels to boost the number of leads amassed.

2. Use Webinar Marketing to Educate and Attract Your Prospects.

Marketers should promote webinars on LinkedIn. As people register by providing their contact information, you have the initial information required to contact your leads.

3. Use e-books and White papers.

Content assets are similar to webinars, except that the prospect is exchanging information in lieu of a downloadable content asset such as an e-book or white paper.

4. Use Videos for generating the Top-of-the-funnel Leads.

Video marketing can help marketers expand their reach on the platform. By including a Call-to-action button at the end of the video, the marketers can drive conversions through the LinkedIn videos.

5. Using Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

This is a mainstay for marketers on all the social media platforms; LinkedIn is no exception.

With a highly targeted opt-in list, the marketers can attract many prospective buyers from their targeted segments on LinkedIn.

6. Website forms.

Invite the website visitors to fill out a contact form to learn more.

7. Running Paid Ads Targeting the User-Intent.

By running the paid ads on search engines, targeting specific keywords, the marketers can also optimize the reach of their ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn prioritizes user-intent, and such content is likely to get far more reach than the ordinary content.

8. Customer Referrals

These are among the most valuable types of leads that a company can receive. Such leads are qualified and bolstered by the recommendation of a trusted friend or colleague. Such leads are often high-quality with higher chances of conversions.

9. Direct Email.

You can use the power of direct emailing to build your user base and enhance your email lists.

10. Gathering leads from the pre-existing Databases.

Marketers should frequently draw leads from pre-existing lists that are regularly purchased. Being careful helps when employing this tactic. You must ensure that you don’t include the leads that have opted out of receiving communications from your business.

11. Optimize Your B2B ‘Lead Generation Forms’

‘Lead generation forms’ consist of the information fields a user can fill to enter their details. To enhance the outreach of their pieces of content, marketers can try different tactics such as using fewer fields in the form, offering lucrative incentives and being mindful of the privacy norms, and reflecting the same in the forms to inspire trust.

LinkedIn Ads Form the Comprehensive Part of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Can Do Wonders for Your Brand Awareness

LinkedIn ads can be very effective for reaching your target audience with sponsored messaging. Taking care of the privacy policy of the target audience groups though remains as vital as possible. LinkedIn can be used both for campaign creation and narrating customer stories. LinkedIn has several intricate features such as LinkedIn Live and Campaign Manager that are quintessential for scaling your professional social network on a global scale. To begin with, your LinkedIn advertising should be objective-based and should always be based on some underlying bottom-line goals. This facilitates conversion tracking and allows the marketers to measure the outcomes of their LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn helps grow your business and optimize the LinkedIn profile page of your company through LinkedIn ads, including ads dynamic ads, ads text ads, ads message ads, carousel ads, conversation ads, text ads, and dynamic ads. Before you can begin advertising on LinkedIn, you should, as one of the best practices, create a LinkedIn profile page of your company and should like and follow other relevant LinkedIn pages. You can also try other strategies such as content sponsored messaging to increase your visibility on LinkedIn newsfeeds and to get shared or liked other LinkedIn pages of brands or individuals. Once you have a decent number of followers and / organic visibility, it always does wonders to optimize your online visibility. LinkedIn page advertising is still a burgeoning concept for many marketers. The advertisers seeking appropriate guidelines to advertise on the platform can select any of the following terminologies to get desired results on search engines such as sponsored content sponsored messaging, ads video ads, text ads dynamic ads, real-time advertising resources, resources for ad traffic, etc.

Here are 4 main types of LinkedIn Ad campaigns that one can try to create his LinkedIn ads strategy:

a. Sponsored Content – These ads are associated with content promotion. These help boost brand equity & awareness and marketers use special links to post on LinkedIn, their websites, blogs, or other popular platforms. Marketers can get people talking about their business to gain followers and valuable contacts.

b. Sponsored Messaging – These ads can be used to send personalized messages directly to the inboxes of LinkedIn users. LinkedIn, however, sets a limit to how many people can contact you each day and how often the same person can be contacted each month.

c. Text Ads – Those familiar with Google Ads have already had a taste of the LinkedIn ads network. They rely on creating text ads that divert your targeted persona on your website, a product landing page, or any other webpage designed to get leads & boost the conversions.

d. Dynamic Ads – These ads can be encapsulated with the element of personalization to help marketers really connect with their intended audience groups. The vital information from the LinkedIn profile of the targeted persona is picked and used to personalize their ad experiences. These pieces of information include names, job titles, and other details that can be used in the ads to optimize the experiences of the ‘end-users.’

Focusing on maximizing the optimization of bids helps scale up your LinkedIn advertising budget for the best results.

Wrap Up

LinkedIn is a pioneer business networking website that is not only used for professional networking, but also for acquiring potential customers in the form of leads. LinkedIn can be used by marketers for exploring their prospects and getting their business queries answered.

LinkedIn can be used to effectively leverage intent-based and interactive pieces of content for acquiring leads and for driving the business bottom lines.

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