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On the 2nd of June 2020, LinkedIn through its marketing blog announced some new retargeting options to allow the marketers to make their customer interactions more personalized and turn more clicks into actual customers. Businesses now will be able to reach people who have interacted with their videos previously and or with their Lead Gen Form ads. The new Retargeting and Audience Network tools from LinkedIn will make it easier for marketers to extend the reach of their campaigns via ‘trusted’ third-party apps and sites. As businesses across the globe have started to transcend beyond the pandemic crisis and are looking to recover faster from the damages done, they need to reach the right audiences that are relevant to their businesses and engage with them. Amidst the shifting business requirements and constrained marketing budgets, businesses are under pressure to make the optimum use of their marketing investments. Over the past one year, LinkedIn has considerably improved its audience targeting features to help marketers reach the right professionals and add more impact to their campaigns, by leveraging functionalities such as audience forecasting, interest targeting, viral marketing, among many others. With the introduction of the new capabilities to target by actions, as well as, by leveraging the updates to the LinkedIn Audience Network, the marketers will be able to scale audience engagement and consistently interact with the professionals that they are trying to reach. How Retargeting by Video Views & Lead Generation Forms will Help the Marketers Reach the Right Professionals The Retargeting by Video Views and Lead Gen Forms will help marketers leverage the personalized content offering by LinkedIn to help marketers reach the audiences that are most interested in their brands. This will be possible by tracking the audience interactions with the ads of specific brands, their view of brand videos, and Lead Gen Form interactions. Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms makes it easier for marketers to reach professionals all along the buying process and accomplish their desired objectives, whether brand awareness, engagement, or conversions. The new features have the following main advantages:

1. Marketers Will be Able to Tailor Their Messages According to Their Objective

Imagine that marketers are running a video ad to advertise an upcoming event, the new features will allow them to target anyone who has watched 75% or more of that video, and simultaneously the marketers will be able to invite the interested audience groups to register with a Sponsored Content ad.

2. Marketers Will be Able to Convert Customers’ Interests into Conversions

If anyone submits a Lead Gen Form, marketers understand that they are interested in their products or services; however, the leads may not essentially convert the first time. Marketers can retarget those who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form. The new tools give marketers another chance to engage with professionals who may have shown initial interest in specific products or services but didn’t essentially convert.

3. Marketers will be Able to Develop Strong Relationships with their Key Accounts

Most of the marketers these days use LinkedIn account targeting to reach the right accounts for their account-based marketing campaigns. With the help of the extended retargeting features by LinkedIn, the marketers will be able to market to the audience of influencers and buyers and also will be able to personalize their experiences based on their specific stages in the buying cycles. It is being anticipated that the new features will be available over the next month within Campaign Manager. There is already some positive sentiment in the market about LinkedIn’s new targeting features and the marketers have professed of their effectiveness:
  • Morten Jensen Senior Marketing Manager, Jabra says, “We tested retargeting by Lead Gen Forms against our normal targeting tactics and found the CTR to be 2-3 times higher. Although still early in the process, we find that leads generated from retargeting have a higher qualification rate from MQL to SQL.”
  • Marit van der Louw, International Content Marketer, TOPdesk, states, “The new remarketing capabilities for Lead Gen Forms and Video enable us to complete the full-funnel strategy we’ve been implementing on LinkedIn. Since using the new remarketing capabilities for Lead Gen Forms and videos our conversion rate has gone up by 20%, while our cost per conversion went down by 24%.”
The New Updates from LinkedIn Audience Network will Allow Marketers to Scale their Messages in One Click LinkedIn Audience Network has been helping marketers extend the footprint of their Sponsored Content campaigns to reach the groups of professional audiences across LinkedIn, across an array of high-quality and third-party published. With the help of trusted apps and publishers collaborating with LinkedIn, including Flipboard, Microsoft News, and, marketers can run Sponsored Content campaigns to achieve 25% more reach and about 9x more touch-points per month to reach the LinkedIn members who actively use LinkedIn’s Audience Network platform. Thus, the new targeting functionalities will help marketers scale their campaigns and achieve a better return on ad spend. LinkedIn will also allow marketers to retarget the LinkedIn members who watched a part or all of specific Video Ads run by brands LinkedIn or on the LinkedIn Audience Network. Thus, the marketers will generate more leads and nurture them down the sales funnel by engaging with the leads on various device platforms including mobiles and desktops using LinkedIn’s Audience Network platform. Thus, the marketers will be able to make the optimum use of their investment and achieve their bottom-line goals to make their businesses flourish. Also, with the new targeting functionalities come multiple layers of brand protection. This will enable marketers to confidently deliver messages within secured environments all along LinkedIn Audience Network. The integration of LinkedIn’s all-new platform-wide pre-bid integration with  Integral Ad Science, marketers can automatically avail of additional brand protection and contextual brand safety for all ads. Furthermore, the Pixalate integration by LinkedIn will allow marketers to score and filter all publishers based on the relevancy of the traffic influx.

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