Microsoft Launches Viva to Enhance Employee Experience

Microsoft Launches Viva to Enhance Employee Experience

On the 4th of February, Microsoft launched the learning tool Viva, meant for optimizing employee experiences. Employee experience optimization is amongst the core focuses of Microsoft Crop., and the launch of Microsoft Viva will equip the employees to optimize learning, engagement, knowledge, and discovery of employees.

The platform can be integrated with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 and facilitates employee collaboration and productivity.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, abstracts Viva as a unified and integrated platform that helps optimize the employee experience, in part & team experience as a whole.

The launch of Viva is significant because of the following reasons:

  • The components of Microsoft Viva will be available in Teams and will act as a platform for online learning materials, internal announcements, an encyclopedia of corporate teams, and overall as a tool to avoid mundane tasks and stress of the teammates
  • Viva leverages existing Microsoft capabilities such as SharePoint and Organizational Analytics
  • The software cab fetches learning materials from outside sources namely Coursera and SAP SuccessFactors.

Nadella said that the world has been distorted by the pandemic and remote working has evolved as a major trend.  As a result, companies should use a collaborative platform to grow, learn and collaborate.

Microsoft developed an integrated system with some in-built functionalities, a growing ecosystem, a strong platform for comprehensively enhancing the employee experience.

The following features of Microsoft Viva corroborate that it is a great innovation for employees:

  • Viva Insights

This platform allows leaders, managers, and individuals to deduce personalized and actionable insights for the companies. This software helps in strengthening the relationships between team members, allowing them to work and learn while maintaining privacy.

  • Viva Connections

This platform is meant for digitizing internal communications and resources including benefits or policies and will be available for users in the first half of 2021. The desktop version of the software will be launched first followed by the mobile app version.

  • Viva Topics

The software helps discover topics that help teams better connect with their target audience groups and experts. The software leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allows amalgamation of information from third-party services including Salesforce and ServiceNow.

  • Viva Learning

This platform assists professional and training development opportunities, making it more accessible and discoverable for work. The platform aggregates with learning resources such as Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, and with several third-party courses as well.

According to Josh Bersin, the research analyst, this platform will prove to be groundbreaking in the coming years and will focus on the requirement of the employees to provide them with seamless experiences.  

The introduction of Viva would strengthen the Office franchise of Microsoft, which fetches more revenue than any other category of Microsoft and will help it sustain the competition in the marketplace that has grown excessively fierce after the acquisition of Slack by Salesforce (for $27.7 billion).

About Microsoft

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