Nielsen Brandbank Integrated with Productsup

Nielsen Brandbank Integrated with Productsup
On the 22nd of April, Nielsen Brandbank Integrated with Productsup to streamline product content flow across digital channels. Nielsen Brandbank is providers of product content creation management and publishing services while Productsup happens to be an eCommerce company facilitating data integration. As Nielsen Brandbank integrated with Productsup, the common customer base of the two companies will benefit from the mapping and optimizing capabilities of Productsup that will help them validate the content of a product that would then be exported to Brandbank via the Brandbank Ingestion Engine. The creation, management, and distribution of product information for eCommerce websites, mobile shopping apps, and virtual merchandising applications are the several tasks executed by Nielsen Brandbank. The platform of Productsup, on the other hand, covers product content syndication, marketplace Integration, feed management, and vendor onboarding. The platform also imports data using the product information and data management systems of a wide array of vendors.
Jade Manterfield-Ivory, head of professional services at Nielsen Brandbank stated that Nielsen Brandbank is pleased to be working with Productsup.
She also mentioned that as Nielsen Brandbank integrated with Productsup, the integration will provide brands with another channel for providing product content flexibility and will also allow them to maintain high standards of quality and completeness, before syndicating to global syndication points such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda Walmart and Carrefour.
As Nielsen Brandbank Integrated with Productsup, Emile Bloemen, senior vice-president of strategic partnerships at Productsup, also expressed his glee.
In a statement, she said that the integration is a milestone for the Productsup team. He further added that in the month of February, 1 trillion products were published through the Productsup platform and how the Productsup team was thrilled to build on this momentum. As Nielsen Brandbank integrated with Productsup, Emile seemed hopeful that new opportunities will be unlocked for customers in the fast-moving and dynamic customer goods space.

About Nielsen Brandbank

Nielsen Brandbank is amongst the world’s most renowned providers of digital product content for brands, retailers, and wholesalers across the globe. The company was founded in the year 1998 and is headquartered at Norwich, Norfolk, holding specialties in eCommerce, product content management, product information management, omnichannel, digital asset management, product content syndication, product information exchange, product photography, digital product content, product content, and m-commerce. They deliver quality product content to enrich the online shopping experiences of customers worldwide.

About Productsup

Productsup facilities intuitive SaaS services for product content integration, optimization, and distribution in commerce. The company was founded in the year 2010 and is headquartered in Berlin. The cloud-based software is trusted by more than 800 companies worldwide, including 5 of the Fortune 20 companies and market leaders such as Walmart, IKEA, Superdry, and Rakuten. The company specializes in Market Software, Cloud-based product data management, product feed optimization, Amazon feeds, ROI management, product feed optimization, automated data mapping, SAAS, etc. The agile data and seamless productivity provided by Productsup platform help customers get their products market faster, scale their business opportunities, as well as, create the new ones.

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