Emerge Revolutionize the online interaction by letting users experience physical touch in Metaverse

Emerge Revolutionize online interaction in Metaverse

The Metaverse combines virtual reality, augmented reality, physical reality, 3D holographic avatars, and much more. It is not just a gaming place but a place for interacting, working, and socializing. It is a living, shared, eternal virtual universe.

Patrick Casey (Director, growth marketing, Felix Health) says, “there’s a good reason the Metaverse is generating so much buzz lately—and brands should be thinking about this virtual space as part of their 2022 marketing strategies.”

With so much happening in the Metaverse, it makes sense when a leading social virtual connection company brings the physical touch to the Metaverse. This will dramatically change how we interact with our friends and family virtually.

Emerge is a social virtual connection company that focuses on building various aspects within the Metaverse. On January 28, the company announced the launch of the Emerge Home system, which lets the users use their bare hands in the Metaverse to avoid missing out on the sensory experiences.

The Emerge Home system will consist of 3 components:

  • the Emerge Wave-1 device
  • the Emerge Home social virtual experience
  • And the Emerge Home mobile app.

The Emerge Wave-1 is the latest countertop device that invites users to use their bare hands as their controllers instead of some heavy gloves or accessories.

Emerge raised $13 million funds from strategic investors to finalize the development of the product development and back its users’ community.

The company’s first product enables an immersive bare-hands tangible experience.

Users often miss the ability to touch physically and interact with their loved ones online. As virtual worlds become the focal point of our shared interaction, it becomes essential to revolutionizing our interaction.

“Emerge represents the next paradigm shift in human interaction,” said Lee, co-CEO of Emerge, in a statement. “Emerge Home’s goal is to take people beyond the screen and allow them to connect emotionally in a natural way, no matter the distance between them.”

The Emerge Home system and Emerge Wave-1 device will be available in the market in February on Kickstarter for $499 as a limited-time deal.

About Emerge:

Marina del Rey-based start-up Emerge is a social virtual connection company focusing on building within the Metaverse.

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