Renovi Brings the Biggest Metaverse Competition of the Year

Renovi Brings the Biggest Metaverse Competition of the Year

The first NFT marketplace created for architects and designers-Renovi- is launching the biggest metaverse competition of the year.

The competition aims at raising awareness of opportunities for architects and designers in the Metaverse.

Co-founder at RENOVI, Andy Charalambous, said: “We are calling for all talented architecture students, 3D designers, game developers, and metaverse enthusiasts to come to join us for this unique Metaverse Build competition on the RENOVI platform. ” He further added, “The Metaverse is coming, and it will offer architects and designers a unique opportunity to showcase and monetize their work.”

The ‘Next Top Metaverse Build’ competition is spread across ten categories, wherein the participants will have a chance to win several prizes, including:

  • a parcel of land offered by the Decentraland Foundation,
  • a share of $50,000 of Renovi tokens,
  • and software subscriptions to crucial design tools and programmes donated by Threedium.
  • Winners will be decided at the judges’ and sponsors’ discretion. The judges and sponsors consist of prominent figures in the architecture, design, and crypto industries.

To name a few prominent figures:

Stavros Zachariades from Squire and Partners, a leading globally recognized architectural firm; Oliver Lowrie from Ackroyd Lowrie, a UK-based architectural practice operating in the commercial and residential spaces; Hilary Lancaster from Fusion Interiors Group, a leading global hospitality design agency, Mike Charalambous from Threedium, a bleeding-edge 3D engine that creates immersive product experiences; and Professor Michail Georgiou from the University of Nicosia.

The competition aims at university students and architectural & design professionals all over the world. It challenges the participants to create virtual infrastructure designs in buildings, museums, NFT galleries, casinos, and festival grounds.

The competition will raise awareness and demonstrate to architects and designers how they can monetize their expertise in these promising upcoming virtual worlds, in addition to the traditional industries they already serve.

The company has partnered with leading digital asset firm GDA Capital, leading Metaverse Decentraland, and the Metaverse investment fund Metaverse Group.

The Metaverse Group is the world’s first vertically integrated real estate company who will also showcase the winning designs on the Metaverse Group’s property in Decentraland.

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