Google Unrolls Search Console Insight to Understand Content Performance

Search Console Insight is New Content Performance Indicator


  • Search Insight Console is tailored specifically for content creators.
  • The feature will be driven by data collected from the Google search console and Google Analytics.
  • The analytics will help understand the content performance.

Search Console Insights is an integral part of Google Search Console. It is designed for content creators to understand the performance of content. Using the feature, publishers and content creators will be able to analyze their site’s content and the content requirement of their audience. The feature will be driven by data gathered from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

At present, Search Console Insight is only supporting Google Analytics UA properties. The search engine is working further to support Google Analytics 4 properties to allow any Google Analytics user to benefit from Search Console Insights.

Who can use it?

Since it is a part of Google Search Console, hence it is available for use for anyone with a verified Google Search Console property. Associating links with your site’s Google Search Console property with the website’s Google Analytics property would help in collecting in-depth insight about your content.

How Search Insight Console Will Assist Content Creators?

Search Console Insights will enable not only content creators but also bloggers to understand the overall performance of content posted on the website. It will assist in collecting information about-

  1. Best performing piece of content
  2. Performance of new content piece on a website
  3. Keywords leading to particular content
  4. Peoples’ response to the content
  5. Articles leading the audience to website and content

The new feature by Google will enable the content creators to strategize their content as per the demand of the audience.


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