Tata Communication Confirms Partnership With Google Cloud

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The partnership between Tata Communications with Google Cloud is likely to change the face of Indian businesses by driving cloud adoption.


  • On 16Th of February 2021, Tata Communications announced a partnership with Google Cloud. This partnership is anticipated to boost the cloud adoption process by Indian firms.
  • Tata Communications plans to expand its public cloud services portfolio to incorporate features of Google cloud.
  • Tata Communications and Google Cloud India, together, will authorize firms to leverage Google Cloud services through Tata Communications’ IZO managed cloud.

The partnership between Google Cloud India and Tata Communications is likely to unroll a list of growth opportunities for an organization in way operating in India. The cloud adoptions will, further, support various services such as data center transformations, smart analytics, infrastructure modernization, application modernization, multi-cloud deployment, and add many more.

As per Amitabh Jacob, Head of Partners and Alliances at Google Cloud India, post-partnership, the customers will be able to experience unified end-to-end experience that will help remove complications associated with cloud management. Moreover, the technology can be transformed by speed and scale.

Further, through Tata Communications’ IZO managed to cloud the organization will be able to access end-to-end service with ease of use. The services will include workload migration, ongoing operational support, cloud architecture planning, and many more.

At present Tata Communications’ IZO managed cloud service provides unified cloud experience by integrating various IT environments of different enterprises on a single dashboard.

  • Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler, and, a leading cloud computing platform, have announced a partnership to drive cloud adoption and transform Indian businesses.
  • The partnership will enable organizations to deploy and access  services through’ IZO™ Managed, a secure and reliable platform that offers a comprehensive view of IT resource utilization.

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