How Leveraging Video Content Boosts Organic SEO


Video content has evolved as a popular toolkit for modern content marketers. Keeping up with the increase in the consumption of video Google has been adding interactive videos all over the search engine result pages (SERPs) and it can do wonders for your organic SEO, particularly at a time when gaining organic visibility is more important than just ranking for the organic results.

Leveraging video content boosts organic SEO by improving the online visibility of your brand, strengthening your brand equity, and improving the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) to drive more conversions over a period of time.

Ways Video Content Boosts Organic SEO Rankings

Video content search is on a surge and videos are all over the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Leveraging video content boosts organic SEO as the organic visibility of your brand is enhanced.

Besides, video content also boosts the on-page engagement, which is considered to be a powerful signal for Google algorithms to decide the organic rankings of web pages.

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On-page engagement is an undoubtedly strong ranking factor. Google expects it’s search engine results to be fruitful for prospective customers as well as prospects and as such, on-page engagement is an important factor for you to sustain and boost your organic rankings.

A well-strategized video content boosts organic SEO as your prospective customers spend more time on your website.

With an increase in the average time spent by the customers on your website or your website publishing quality content and video content to engage the users, Google is driven to trust the content of your website more. Thus, on-page engagement bears a direct correlation with improving your organic rankings.

Video content boosts organic SEO and helps marketers cultivate their brand resonance. Marketers can brand their video thumbnails to build brand recognition.

Building strong brand recognition causes your audience groups on the web to trust your brand more and this, in the long run, helps your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and conversions.

According to a report from eMarketer, most of the web users prefer watching a video to reading.

One can find video carousels easily for a large number of Google searches.

And it’s not just limited to carousels. Video content boosts organic SEO by enhancing the organic snippets of brands. Google grabs a video thumbnail and places it right inside the organic listings of a particular brand.

Videos help increase the conversions on the landing pages of your website; just another example of how leveraging video content boosts organic SEO.

According to a report from Eye View Digital, using videos on landing pages can help increase conversions by as much as 86%.

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Thus, it is quite clear that leveraging video content boosts your organic SEO and therefore, you should definitely consider embedding videos on your website if you haven’t done so, as yet.

Research from Oberlo stats establishes that an average user is likely to spend 88% more time on a website with videos as compared to the one without it.

Leveraging video content boosts your organic SEO and helps your website outrank your online competitors.

A report from WebFX substantiates that leveraging video content boosts your organic SEO as websites with video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.

Making your businesses stand out online is as much an art as it is knowledge. With high-quality and relevant texts and images on your website, you can easily score a good rank on the SERPs. However, assimilating different types of videos on your website gives you an extra edge and helps you outlast your competitors.

The power of video marketing is impeccably unmatchable. Keep on reading as in the next segment we discuss ways to leverage video content to boost organic SEO:

1. The relevance and quality of your SEO content is enhanced by Videos

Search engine algorithms like those of Google, prioritize users’ search intent while deciding which pieces of content should be ranked higher and which ones provide more specific and useful answers to the users’ queries.

Leveraging video content boosts organic SEO as videos help contextualize your content better and also play an important role in engaging the attention of the website visitors.

The way humans perceive the usefulness of a piece of content is entirely different from the way the search engines assess the content quality.

Online engagement on the pieces of content displayed is an excellent way to tell Google AI algorithms that the content you’re producing is of high-value for your audiences.

Leveraging video content boosts organic SEO as the engagement on your website increases. It’s also a psychological factor. Telling people what you do is one thing; however, if you can show them what you do through videos, it is more likely to leave a lasting impression on their minds.

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Buying and conversions are majorly implicit decisions and hence the more impact you can make while showing the value proposition of your goods or services, the more revenue you will generate.

2. Videos Help Improve the Average Time on the Website

Leveraging video content boosts your organic SEO as videos complement your other content marketing endeavors. Videos tailored to users’ interests ensure that they have a good time on the website while researching for their preferred solutions.

The improvement in users’ experiences leads to an increase in the Average Time on the Site. This is an important metric. Marketers who document and measure the conversions generated through their content marketing endeavors understand that the increase in the Average Time on Site is directly proportional to the increase in the website conversion rates and inversely proportional to the bounce rates.

Even if you have already been producing valuable content assimilating videos assures that your audiences are really able to see the value of what you have, in terms of knowledge, solutions to their problems, and helping them use technology to the best of their advantage.

As videos are an impeccable way to speak of your subject-matter-expertise and reflect on your knowledge, it helps boost the customers’ experiences, and thus, leveraging video content boosts organic SEO.

3. Leveraging Video Content helps you get more Backlinks

One of the huge perks of video marketing is that it allows you to earn an increased number of high-quality backlinks.

As the rankings on SERPs are influenced both by the number of backlinks and their quality, leveraging video content boosts your organic SEO by helping you gain more high-quality backlinks.

An interesting study by WebFX shows that link-building contributes 46% of all the deciding factors for the organic rankings of a website.

Besides, giving you a larger and relevant audience base backlinking also helps you build link equity which is a deciding factor when it comes to the organic rankings of your website.

According to research from Ahrefs, 91% of the pages in the Content Explorer tool don’t get traffic from Google mainly because of the lack of enough backlinks.

Thus, executing a well-planned video content strategy helps you considerably improve the traffic on your website, as well as your organic rankings.

How to Get Started with Video Content to boost Organic SEO

Videos can help you get unmatched visibility on SERPs and this is how video content boosts organic SEO.

A consistent and well-branded video content strategy is key to boosting your organic ranks and on-page engagement.

Brands can consider including insights from influencers, as well as, the customer testimonials in their video content strategy. Besides, product demos and webinars into videos is also an interesting idea that marketers can benefit from.

For certain queries, such as “How-Tos…” and “x steps to…” Google prioritizes long-form videos; this is pretty much similar to Google prioritizing long-form content for certain search queries.

You can use the following steps to leverage video content strategy for improved organic visibility:

  • Tailor your video content to match the search queries if your online audience

Leveraging video content boosts organic SEO, provided you keep it niche-specific and users’ search queries. You can also consider deploying a video content strategy to match the search queries of the customers, specific to their stages in the buying cycles.

Personalization, context, and relevance are the ultimate trendsetters for video content, just like any other form of content marketing.

  • Perform Keyword Research

AddingSEO keywords to your video titles and descriptions helps you optimize your video content strategy and is as important for video content marketing as it is for other forms of content creation.

However, researching keywords and drafting proper description for your video content is slightly different than text-based content.

You can consider using keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, KeywordsFX, and Keywords Everywhere.

  • Include Video Transcripts for SEO

Using video transcripts on the same page as video helps search engines contextualize your video.

  • Promote the Video Content

Marketers can promote their video content on social media channels as well as third-party websites.

  • Use video thumbnails

Marketers can use video thumbnails to increase their chances of getting featured on the SERPs.

  • Optimize Your Video load time

Lazy-loading the videos can help you avoid a negative impact on your page load time.

Using the above tips you can get started with video marketing and leverage video content to boost organic SEO.

Wrapping Things Up

Creating an optimized video content strategy can help you optimize your branding endeavors. Not only it will improve organic visibility and Click-Through-Rate (CTR) but it will also boost average time on website and sales conversions.

Thus, leveraging video content boosts organic SEO which, in turn, does wonders for your pipeline revenue and also boosts the total number of leads generated.

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