Top 10 Amazing B2B Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2020

Top b2b marketing trends

With the proliferation of technology & the Internet of Things (IoT), the B2B marketing world has transformed & evolved. Marching to an ecosystem that is ever-transcendent & dynamic, the B2B marketers need to learn about the amazing B2B marketing trends for 2020.

Thriving & sustaining in the B2B world in the last few years has been extremely difficult due to the fierce competition. The B2B marketing 2020 setup will be more proactive than ever before & there will be several key shifts in 2020.

Forrester predicts that progressive marketers will be more proactive in their engagement with buyers in 2020.

There will be some groundbreaking hanges in the ways the brands have been engaging with their audiences & driving them to sales.

According to Forrester by the year 2021, 48% of the marketing organizations will be organized to support customers’ journeys.

Forrester considers the year 2020 to mark an inflection point in business customers’ relationship with their providers driven in part by expectations of consistency across all the multiple channels that they are engrossed across, & partially by increasing the reliance on both marketing & sales to provide the service of timely engagement.

According to Caroline Robertson, VP, Research Director at Forrester and B2B marketing trends for 2020 will revolve around buyers keeping their prime focuses on making the right decisions for their companies after they get an amalgamation of data from diverse sources including the vendors.

The Key B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

All the modern Martech technology in the B2B world has been focused largely on customer-centricity. This has been amongst the prevalent B2B digital marketing trends in 2019. However, not very far is the time for a renaissance.

According to Forrester the B2B marketing trends for 2020 will not rely on obsolescent product-centric planning but will instead focus on sales engagement & seller engagement.

Let’s explore further into where the B2B marketing trends for 2020 are headed towards:

1. Building Customer Relationships will be Paramount:

Not just generating an ample amount of leads through the lead generation campaigns would be important, but the marketers will also have to give new dimensions to prospecting & conversions. Building amicable relationships with the customers by helping them throughout their buying process will hold special significance when talking about the B2B marketing trends for 2020.
The conventional structure of the buying funnel is dead. With the entire researching & buying process of the prospects evolving, the traditional funnel structure has evolved into a loop-like architecture wherein research happens all the time on macro & micro-levels. The buyer experience has to be designed & delivered in a way that combines human, physical & digital engagement.

2. Organizations will Prioritize audience- based structures:

Amongst the most fundamental structural changes in the B2B marketing trends for 2020, optimizing the customers’ experience throughout their buying cycles will be the most important.

According to Forrester, the organizations designed to support customer journeys in the year 2020 will rise to 48% from the current 18%.

Subsequently, the B2B marketing trends for 2020 will necessitate market conversions, sales & ABM enablement and will be characterized by more complex & larger buying groups with longer sales cycles.

3. Voice Searches will be Evident part of B2B Research:

B2B buyers are already using devices like Alexa, Cortana, Hey Google & Siri. The trend is all set to witness an upsurge & be amongst the top-notch B2B marketing trends for 2020.
Moreover, the marketers are also excited about the CPQ technology that enables configure/price/quote on more complex products to be launched very quickly.

The stage is all set for B2B marketing 2020. Adding structured data to the websites & making the websites mobile friendly will equip the marketers to make the most out of the evolving B2B marketing trends for 2020.

Thus, voice search also remains amongst one of the most fascinating B2B content marketing trends to watch out for in 2020 & marketers will need to optimize their keyword for voice searchers as well.

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4. The B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) will be data-activation-centric & not just data-integration-driven:

The marketers adopting for CDP will look beyond the core data integration use cases to prospecting the group of ideal audience for data activation, leveraging AI-powered decision making & taking the help of automation for the proper orchestration & monitoring of the buyers’ journeys.

5. Partner Experience will Improve & will be more aligned with Customer Experience:

Third-party channels & partners play a very important role in shaping the customer experience. Most of the B2B organizations have ineffectively or slowly established alignment between partner experience & customer experience.

Amongst the B2B marketing trends for 2020, an important one seems to be an increased synergy between partner experience & customer experience.

Forrester predicts that the inclusion of the third-party channel experiences with those of the customer experiences can scale-up the global revenue for the B2B marketers by up to 70%.

According to Caroline Robertson, VP, Research Director at Forrester, in the year 2020, over 50% of the B2B marketers will be prioritizing both customer experience as well as partner experience.

6. Employee Advocacy Programs will become Mainstream:

Employee advocacy programs such as asking employees to recommend your company & products & share the posts of the company on social media are amongst the noteworthy B2B marketing trends for 2020.

Employee advocacy can not only boost the B2B content marketing in 2020 but can also be beneficial for driving the additional surplus revenue through the word-of-mouth-marketing & omnichannel reputation building & management.

Employee advocacy also benefits customer acquisition, customer development, and HR recruitment.

7. Robots will be more powerful & Automation will Assist Content Creation & Deliverance:

The constant improvement in the artificial intelligence & machine learning techniques will equip robots to take the mundane B2B marketing tasks in diverse areas such as inside sales, customer service & marketing operations.  Without a doubt bot-assistance applied in B2B content creation & development will be amongst the foremost B2B marketing trends for 2020.

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8. Customer Retention & Renewals will be more Vital:

According to, only 15% of the marketing budget is being devoted to customer retention efforts in the year 2020.

As, B2B marketing world are increasingly realizing that real profitability comes from attention to renewables & from improving the
products completely to match up the bar of customer satisfaction, more & more B2B marketers will increase their budgets for customer retention, customer penetration & expansion, product improvement & subscription marketing.

9. Sales Enablement & Marketing Endeavors will be Intertwined:

Amongst the most evident & sizzling B2B marketing trends for 2020 will be the multichannel engagement of the buyers throughout their buying cycles & their improved possessions over their experience carnations.

Evidently, beyond just the generation of more leads marketing needs to be more involved with the prospects & work in proper alignment with the sales team to promote sales-readiness & smoothen sales enablement.

10. Social Media Marketing Trends will Continue to Evolve in 2020:

Social Media is amongst the most impeccable tools for content creation & consumption. It can be used to showcase the value proposition of the goods or services as well as to promote brand equity.

The following evolving social media trends qualify as some of the most amazing B2B marketing trends for 2020 & should be watched out for:

  1. Video marketing will be indispensable for marketers & tools such as Instagram’s IGTV (the standalone video app) can be used by the B2B marketers to improve their reach & impact of message deliverance
  2. Podcasts will be an effective way for audio-storytelling & will witness an upsurge in their subscription & download rates.
  3. The untapped social media platforms such as TikTok & Reddit will be more vibrantly used. TikTok is a popular hangout platform for Gen-Zers & boats of having more than 500 million users. Brands can use the platform to voice their ideologies & opinions & to engage with & attract the younger audiences.
  4. B2B brands will be increasingly be partnering with macro & micro-influencers.

Wrap Up

The crystal ball predicting the B2B marketing trends for 2020 is fervent, having immense scopes to gain access to the immensely ingenious & resourceful B2B world. If the marketers can shift their focus to the above predictive trends for B2B marketing in 2020, their transformation efforts will translate into reasonable core bottom-line realities.

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