Threads by Meta: Why?

Why -is- Meta -using -feeds -for -Threads?

New Jersey, USA, July 11: Threads by Meta, a new social media app, intends to solve customer issues. Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, addressed user input and declared that it would soon include a chronological feed of postings. Instead of relying on the algorithm to choose material, this action satisfies users’ demand to view posts from accounts they follow.

The launch of Threads, which also owns Instagram and Facebook, has attracted over 100 million users since its recent release. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, expressed support for implementing an alternative feed, considering the frustration voiced by users who wanted a chronological feed featuring posts from people they follow.

In addition to the chronological feed, it has other updates planned. Users can look forward to features like post-editing, language translation, and an improved interface for switching between different Threads accounts. Meta is also actively developing a desktop interface, as currently, the app can only be accessed through mobile devices.

Threads by Meta enhancing User Experience

To further enhance user experience, Threads by Meta aims to introduce a search function and simplify deleting a profile. Although Threads can be accessed via on the web, post creation is limited to the app. Meta acknowledges this limitation and is working on resolving it.

Meta had initially announced plans to connect it with other social media platforms through the fediverse, using the ActivityPub protocol. However, this proposal has raised concerns about Meta’s potential dominance and the potential impact on the decentralized social media landscape.

While Meta intends to enable Threads to interact with platforms like Mastodon, some Mastodon communities have taken precautionary measures by forming a “fedipact” agreement to block Meta’s access to their content on the fediverse.

It is worth noting that Threads by Meta currently operates without advertisements. However, Meta’s future introduction of advertising to the platform may elicit mixed reactions from users.

Alok Chakraborty
Alok Chakraborty
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