Scale Your Email Marketing During Coronavirus with These 10 Tips


The resiliency model of businesses across the globe was disrupted due to the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. All spheres of marketing landscape were impacted, and email marketing was no different. The way people have been doing businesses changed, and even as now we all together are braving to march to the new normal, we do find ourselves in an unplumed territory, in a state of oblivion.

While none of us have got it all figured out, we all are certainly confident of some strategies and trends that seem to be paying off good results even during the pandemic crisis.

Email marketing has always been an indispensable part of the B2B marketing landscape and is a way for businesses to communicate with their potential customers fast, incurring a minimum cost, and in an accessible and replicable manner.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 10 powerful ways to scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus by delivering hyper-personalized & relevant messages to your prospects, and customers – to speak to them in a familiar tone, and address their pain-points to optimize their experiences, so as to help you actualize and optimize your bottom-line revenue goals.

According to a report by Toolbox for Marketing, the email open rates from 2019 to 2020 have declined from 26.3% to 25.32%, and the unsubscription lists of brands have surged, as customers are gradually unsubscribing their daily, monthly and weekly email subscriptions.

Some brands have desperately increased the number of emails being sent to their customers. This is a big turn off for the customers.

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Remember that to scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus, not only you need to tweak your email marketing messages to make them more personalized and empathetic but you also need to keep the frequency of email deliverances apt.

To sustain your businesses during the current crisis, and beyond on the road to explore new normalcy, you need to focus on building brand equity and customer loyalty. This will also simultaneously scale up your email marketing during coronavirus.

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Adopting the following strategies will not help scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus, but will also help to grow your business in the long term:

1. Be More Empathetic while Conveying Your Message

In order to scale up their email marketing during coronavirus, marketers will need to tweak their email marketing campaigns in ways that convey the customers that you empathize with their current situation.

2. Do Something Out of the league – show your customers that you care, be action-oriented

Marketers can use banner ads to acknowledge COVID-19 pandemic and manage the tone of their email marketing campaigns to convey that they are more empathetic and that we all are in this together.

What better? Be action-oriented.

This is what Valasys Media has done. We are providing our customers with one month free trial of our data-driven services, including email marketing, to let them know that we truly stand by them during the unprecedented times.

We completely understand that owing to the uncertainty in the marketplace, brands are skeptical about where they should spend, and how much they should. Regardless of the size of your business, you all must be strategically planning to judiciously spend your marketing budget.

Keeping the psychology of our customers in mind, we came up with the strategy to show them the value of our services first and postponed the payment for later. The satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance to us, and we are helping them in choosing us over anyone else.

By prioritizing our customers’ needs we invite customer loyalty, retention, and expansion of our existing customers-base.

Businesses should remember that customer-centricity is an absolute essential, whether you want to scale up your email marketing during coronavirus or simply boost your other marketing endeavors, keeping the customers’ perspective first always helps.

Thinking and acting by keeping yourself in customers’ shoes is something that never goes out of fashion.

3. Be flexible with your Return Policies

Brands need to update their return policies to reflect on store closures and other governmental rules. Brands can also extend their return deadlines.

Sending emails to your customers about flexible return policies is yet another important way to scale-up your email marketing campaigns during coronavirus, and show them that you care. When your customers feel cared for and valued, they will show more interest in your products.

4. Focus on Optimizing the Digital Touch-points for now

We live in an era of omnichannel marketing, where providing seamless experiences to the customers across physical as well as digital touch-points is important.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, brands should focus on driving their traffic meant for physical stores to their virtual digital inventories.

The world has gone online for making purchases and accordingly, the content blocks in your email marketing campaigns also need to be adjusted.

Even on the websites, for the time being, don’t publish the content to drive the traffic on to the physical stores. Encourage online communication and purchases. Also, the content on the website should be more dynamic in nature to optimize the individual experiences of the buyers.

To scale-up, your email marketing campaigns during coronavirus promoting hyper-tailored recommendations, and adjusting the content blocks to direct traffic to digital touch-points is an affable and feasible tip for marketers.

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5. Promote Free Shipping Through Your Email Newsletters

Waiving shipping fees can be a good option for certain businesses. Think about this. If your customers aren’t getting products delivered on time and finding the physical stores closed, will they be happy about it?

Under such a situation you can advertise free delivery of your products to scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus. If the customers can shop without incurring extra cost and can be taught about the appropriate channels for purchase through email marketing campaigns, this will certainly positively impact the purchase decisions.

6. Show Your Customers how Your Products can help them during the Crisis

To scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus, you can consider revising your campaigns to focus more on customer welfare issues during the pandemic, for example, how your products can help your customers make the most of their time while staying at home, or why your products or services are best bets for your customers to accelerate their business profitability during coronavirus.

The campaigns should be paired with relevant content in the form of blog articles or newsletters to generate maximum conversions.

Update your CTAs to focus on current evolving trends amidst the lockdown situation across all major geographies of the world. Using hashtags such as #WFM, #WFMOOTD can help customers in getting accustomed to the new normal and can fuel the purchases.

7. Address & Manage the Supply Chain and Fulfillment Issues in Real-time

To scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus, you need to address and manage the supply chain and fulfillment issues as they occur.

Find out methods to keep the shoppers engaged in the new campaigns by launching back-in-stock, low inventory, new arrivals, and price decrease merchandising triggers.

With the help of live catalogs, marketers can convey their customers of the change in the stock levels. Capturing and highlighting changes in the product catalog and availability of the products in real-time is very important.

8. Make your Messages Sensitive and Optimistic

To scale-up your email marketing campaigns during coronavirus, you need to review your subject lines and preview text. Use an empathetic and optimistic tone to speak to your prospects. Try getting rid of those colloquial phrases that you used during the pre-pandemic times.

Use a tone that resonates with the state of mind of your prospects during the pandemic crisis and try to help them paint an optimistic outlook.

9. Execute Multi-Touch Campaigns to Convey Brand Messages

Your customers need to be substantiated that you’re empathetic of them, and their situation. Marketers should run multi-touch campaigns integrating brand messages, promotions, and companies’ corporate vision.

By adopting this approach, marketers can not only strike an engaging conversation with their customers but can also foster customer loyalty. Not only the purchases will be expedited but you will also earn additional revenue through customer retention, and positive word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM).

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10. Be Futuristic and Portray an Optimistic Panorama

To scale your email marketing during coronavirus, you need to acknowledge the current situation. Allow your customers to picture you as a brand focused on the well-being of the entire business fraternity, and customers at large. Show your customers hope and portray an optimistic outlook for the new normal that we are heading towards.

Wrapping Things Up

The current pandemic crisis certainly has made a lasting impact on the business world across the globe. All the benchmark projections and revenue goals of brands were impacted and reality suddenly didn’t appear that sweet during these unprecedented times.

The good thing though is that through the mutual corporation, developing a firm resiliency model, promoting remote working and empathetic cultures, and by arousing a sense of community, the business fraternities across the globe have leveraged their very best faces in this fight against the pandemic. The same indomitable spirit needs to be conveyed with sheer confidence to scale-up your email marketing during coronavirus.

No one knows yet what the perfect email marketing campaigns for the new normal will look like, or will they ever exist, but you can start with the above strategies and make gradual changes to optimize them as new trends evolve.

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