How Virtual Event Marketing Benefits B2B Businesses

Virtual event marketing

As B2B marketers you need to be the flag bearers of innovation to sustain in a tech-savvy and ever-evolving realm. The idea of virtual event marketing was popularized by corporate giants such as IBM and Microsoft to help the idea of real-time customization. Virtual event marketing is an excellent way to engage with the prospects and provide them with hyper-tailored solutions to their problems with the help of product demos and other ideas reflecting on the value proposition of the products or services. Real-time personalization helps develop an excellent environment for lead acquisition, nurturing and finally lead conversions in the form of sales closures.

Best virtual events focus on keeping it agile and reflecting on the value proposition of the goods or services by appealing to a global audience group preferably in the target demographics.

The benefits of virtual event marketing were summarized by Danielle McFadden, President, and CEO of Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce as follows:

“Virtual events can be used to promote a new website or new location via an open house or grand opening or launch a new product. They can even be used to open a live event to people who can’t be there.”

Virtual event marketing is an excellent way to engage with the audiences in real-time, without interrupting their daily chores on their preferred platforms and symbiotically benefits both the marketers as well as the participants. Ranging from cost-cutting to ease of participation and from attending live to attending just a recorded version, virtual event marketing has innumerable benefits.

Let’s delve into the benefits of engaging in two-way effective communication with the help of virtual event marketing and what are the underlying basic needs it helps suffice:

1. Capturing the Lead Data:

One of the most important benefits of virtual event marketing is that it allows marketers to capture lead data points. Depending on the vital data points required, marketers can prepare the customized documents to capture several details of the prospects. Successful virtual events are all about capturing the right data points.

The data points of relevance can vary according to the marketing objectives of B2B companies. Often the sign-up forms can be used to capture the demographic, firmographic, technographic and intent-specific details of the clients. The collected data after appropriate processing and cleansing can be used by the marketers to run several types of virtual events as well as to run several targeting and re-targeting campaigns.

Care should be taken that the forms designed for participation in virtual event marketing are in congruence with the latest data protection regulations.

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2. Behaviorally Analyze Your Prospects

Amongst one of the foremost benefits of the virtual event marketing campaigns is that it allows you to behaviorally analyze your prospects. As per the interests of the prospects customized information can be delivered to them in real-time. The average engagement time combined with the first and third-party intent data of your target prospects and their past buying interests and research methodologies, further help the marketers in designing hyper-personalized campaigns to best nurture and engage the prospects.

The intent analysis also helps in assigning the prospects to specific clusters before hyper-personalized campaigns can be expected to engage with the prospects and convert them down the sales pathway.

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 3. Streamline the Sales Cycle

Virtual event marketing is all about engaging with prospects after identifying their unique requirements. The virtual events platform identify the pain points of the prospects and accordingly tell a narrative to reflect on the value proposition of the goods or services in a way that helps marketers figure out a solution to their problems.

Within a superior lead nurturing set-up, the prospects can be smoothly directly down to the sales path for optimizing the sales conversions or the sales revenue.

Personalization is the most important causation of sales conversions and bears a positive correlation with the same. As such virtual event marketing is an exemplary technique for B2B marketers to bank upon for optimized conversions.

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4. Leverage Attribution Modelling to Scale up Your Content Strategy

Based on the level of indulgence with virtual event marketing campaigns, the marketers can decide on the specific stages of buying cycles that their leads are in. Accordingly, the marketers can design an agile content strategy involving dynamic and real-time content to further nurture the leads, improve the personalization parameters and drive the accelerated conversions on the website.

Marketers can also review their content strategy for its look and feel. Not only the content on every platform including the landing pages needs to be based on the philosophy of E-A-T, but also needs to be SEO-friendly.

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5. Virtual Event Marketing scales-up the Reach of the B2B Brands

Virtual event marketing allows marketers to interact with global audiences in real-time. No matter which geo-targeted location the target audience groups are located, with virtual event marketing marketers can track every registration that happens, and even the clicks, downloads and shares of the important pieces of information broadcasted.

The data from virtual event marketing can be easily used to scale up to other marketing and advertising campaigns by generating predictive behavioral insights about individual leads and by chartering the pieces of content to the specific needs of the prospects.

6. Optimized Return on Investment

Virtual event marketing is a cost-efficient way to engage with audiences. By the means of this inexpensive method, prospects can engage with the marketers in marketing events of high intellectual and business relevance without undergoing tedious traveling schedules.

Not only the cost of traveling is avoided but several extravagant expenditures involved in real event marketing organizational operations are curbed.

Thus, with fewer expenses for lead acquisition and maximized reach and indulgence the overall revenue for the marketers is optimized.

Furthermore, there is no hustle to go to distant crowded places and optimal utilization of time for lead nurturing also boosts the down-the-funnel conversions.

7. Developing Follow-up Strategies to Boost the Success of Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Virtual event marketing campaigns equip marketers to be metrics-driven. The marketers can track their reach, conversions, clicks, engagement and other metrics aligned with their virtual event marketing campaigns. The insights gathered can be used to develop follow-up strategies to improve the performance of upcoming events – be they other virtual event marketing drives or other marketing and advertising campaigns.

A data-driven decision making and follow-up strategy allow marketers to align with their core business objectives better while simultaneously focusing on optimizing the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) from individual campaigns.

Wrapping Things Up

The modern age B2B marketing tactics are witty and quirky at the same time. While tends to keep on emerging and eloping each day; there’s no denying the fact that scaling-up personalization has been a constant truth. The global economy encourages marketers to speak with audiences in their time and in real-time. Not only you need to be agile but also unmatchable in delivering impeccable and tailored solutions to the pain-points of your customers.

Virtual event marketing as such is an exhilarating way to meet customers’ expectations where they are and optimize their experiences in ways that help the bottom-line purpose of sales and marketing in equal proportions.

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