5 Advantages of Sales Funnel Marketing


Sales funnel marketing is all about the orchestration of your branding and business development endeavors in a way that helps salespeople acquire new potential customers and ultimately prompt those leads to make a purchase decision.

Now the question is: how does that happen?

Your prospective customers have needs. You need to understand and prioritize their pain-points and preferences at each stage of their buying cycles.

According to Salesforce, 68% of companies are yet to either identify or attempt to measure a sales funnel. Moreover, the report also reveals that an astonishing 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales.

Selling becomes extremely simple and uncomplicated once you realize that as salespeople customer-centricity is your utmost responsibility.

Your prospects have requirements that need to be figured out. Once you discover them, your straightforward job is to connect with your customers or prospective customers with the solutions you have, to address their problems.

The entire process from prospecting to selling to providing the after-sales services needs to provide seamless experiences to your customers.

Sales funnel marketing is a model that helps you analyze the requirements of your customers’ universe and address their pain-points precisely, and contextually, in order to drive more purchases, as well as lay a solid foundation to optimize the core bottom-lines by generating optimum revenue from sales, after-sales services and repeat purchases.

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Even as technology has a major role to play in driving the sales operations, the fundamentals of the funnel strategy remain the same.

Reactive selling can help you thrive when enough business is already coming your way. However, account-managers and salespeople need to focus on creating new opportunities through their own efforts.

A framework should be developed to demystify prospecting and to fuel your branding endeavors.

The salespeople can visualize the buyers’ journeys end to end and with the help of modern MarTech tools and can hyper-personalize the customers’ experiences – by offering them simple, clear, practical, and feasible solutions to address their problems in real-time.

Let’s have a look at how the funnel marketing strategy amplifies your likelihood of success, by preventing you from operating in a vacuum and helping you develop a model for proactively pursuing and acquiring new opportunities:

1. Helps Prioritize the Interests of the Customers

Adopting a sales funnel strategy simplifies marketing. By visualizing the funnel the marketers can decide on the sequence of steps they need to follow to optimize the customers’ experiences.

Marketers can employ intelligent predictive insights to optimize the audience-experiences in real-time.

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You can use a sales funnel tool to customize your website pages, form, or webinars according to your requirements in no time.

2. Bridges the Gap Between the Content Strategy of Marketing and Sales

Once you have a complete visualization of the customers’ buying journeys, your marketing and sales departments can collaborate better and can deliver the most relevant pieces of content to the users.

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The content creators can work on dynamic content strategy and can even stick to an agile format to speak to the customers in a language that resonates with them the most to help drive and expedite the conversions.

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3. Deploying Predictive Content Strategy Scaling-Up Personalization

According to a study by CSO Insights, sales representatives themselves spend 20% of their time researching prospects themselves.

Moreover, not all the prospects are sales-ready. Leads have to be nurtured to drive purchases and lead nurturing tactics vary according to an individual’s stage in his respective buying cycle.

Visualization of the customers’ journeys, and blending the insights with the first and third-party intent data and with the online browsing and the past buying histories of the prospects, allows marketers to deliver hyper-personalized customers’ experiences.

This also allows marketers to forecast marketing ROI, and deduce what percentage of visitors will actually make it to the other side of the funnel.

Thus, the forecasts made are precise, risk-free, and help in optimizing the conversions.

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4. Helps in Conversion Rate Optimization

By visualizing the customers’ journeys and hyper-personalizing their experiences, marketers pave the way for optimized conversions.

The marketers can tweak their marketing strategies and can time and again fix any derogatory issues or leakages in the funnel.

Sales funnel marketing blended with intrinsic business intelligence platforms allows marketers to analyze what percentage of their total visitors have contributed to conversions over a period of time.

Also, the comparison of related marketing metrics can help marketers in generating intelligent predictive insights and comprehensive, action-oriented plans to boost their organizational sales framework.

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5. It Breathes Life to Branding Through Powerful Storytelling

As you can tell powerful brand stories, while still prioritizing customers’ preferences to show the value proposition of your products or services, you upsell your products or services.

Relevant storytelling not only presents the customers as the ultimate heroes in a brand’s story but also helps in building a rapport by communicating – a narrative that resonates with the pain-points of the customers.

By deploying the power of creative storytelling you can optimize the conversions – by enticing and inspiring the prospects to take the right actions, at the right time, to move down the funnel.

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Let’s Wrap Up

Sales funnel marketing is all about being goal-oriented to sustain and win in the competitive marketplace. It’s all about getting the fundamentals correct; acquiring new prospects is simple but not easy.

Executing a sales funnel strategy helps you choose, pursue, and convert the right prospects by providing them with seamless experiences at each stage of their respective buying cycles. You can also go for platforms like Stratique that aid to your B2B marketing and lead generation

Remember, at the end of the day sales is a numbers game, and acquiring and optimizing your opportunities requires you to follow a strategic roadmap.

The funnel marketing is of tremendous importance to your brand as well as your customers. It helps you in instituting a succession plan for sustaining your core bottom-lines by optimizing client acquisition and subsequently optimizes the conversion process.

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